Montag, 17. August 2015

Danke Wuala, ganz toll!

Am 17.8. verbreitet Wuala die folgende Mail an seine Kunden:

Wir kündigen heute an, dass wir beabsichtigen, den Dienst Wuala Sicherer Cloud Speicher einzustellen. Bitte beachten Sie die folgenden wichtigen Termine:
17. August 2015 Keine weiteren Vertragsverlängerungen und kein weiterer Erwerb von Speicherplatz
30. September 2015 Der Wuala-Dienst stellt um auf Nur-Lese-Betrieb (read-only)
15. November 2015 Der Wuala-Dienst wird beendet und alle in der Wuala-Cloud gespeicherten Daten werden gelöscht

Diese Mail ist, kurz gesagt, eine Frechheit. Jeder, der Wuala im Unternehmenseinsatz hat, hat jetzt ein Problem: 2 Wochen Zeit um eine Alternative zu finden, zu evaluieren, einen Migrationsplan zu machen, umzusetzen, zu testen, in Betrieb nehmen. Wenn man da ein paar Terabyte hat - viel Spaß.

Aus dem weiteren Text der Mail geht hervor, dass man für einen anderen schweizer Anbieter ein Migrationstool geschaffen hat, was darauf schließen lässt, dass Wuala selbst schon länger von der Einstellung wusste. 

Die Abschaltung erfolgt ohne weitere Begründung, ohne Vorwarnung, einfach so. Vielen Dank. So schafft man Vertrauen für Cloud Angebote.

Unten die Mail im Originaltext.

Samstag, 25. Oktober 2014

Amazon pays almost half-a-billion $ "domination fee" and still depends on

Christmas Time!
Amazon has an impressing strategy of growth, at the same time announcing a loss of maybe half-a-billion USD. But when we look at the turnover, we see non-suprisingly a peak at same time of each year. It's Christmas Time what drives amazon's growth year by year. The turnover from other branches like Cloud Services or Kindle Phones seem not to play a relevant role, at least not yet. This is no suprise, too.
Paying a billion dollars for an e-sports social & media platform is somehow visionary. We will learn how this fits into a company, which depends on a pre-internet-era event like christmas shopping time. I am sure it does, Jingle Bells vs. Ego Shooter is the past. Jingle Bells & Ego Shooter is today. That sounds reasonable and includes the promise of global cross culture scalability.
Anyway, Jeff Bezos and the Dogma of Growth , should be a good game for shareholders. See how the christmas business force continues going global! Famous combats with unions, competitors and publishers! Take your part in the amazon's fight for worldwide domination vs. the rest of the world!
Infografik: Amazon mit Rekordverlust im 3. Quartal | Statista
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Mittwoch, 24. September 2014

Customer Annoyance Tool: DO NOT REPLY

I have found a new category of tools in the marketing & sales area. I call them Customer Annoyance Tools. These tools do exactly the opposite of what the customer expects as a good customer service. The tool we focus on today is OWC - One Way Communication. . In the field of so called "Customer Care" this is the king. His name is No-Reply.

It all starts with a friendly grafical button pretending that you mightget help you with your demands. Let's say you just have booked a long distance flight and forgot to book your special food. With a little piece of interaction this problem could be fixed. You fill out the form, where they want you to describe your problem, and they ask for your email address. Minutes later you got new mail, and you look forward to friendly an responsive service. But what do you have to read?
"Please do not reply to this e-mail. It is a post-only message.",
which in fact means "Dont call us, we call you.". Thank you! This is the typical one way communication style I guess everybody hates. It is like someones enters a room in the offline world, says whatever he or she thinks is worth telling, and leaving room without any interest of what the recipients think or like. How can anyone think this is a good style?

Why spend billions in marketing and conversion, when the most simple rules of communication are ignored? Anyone having any idea why? Shouldn't we take any chance where a customer talks directly to us? This could be the moment where we can convert customers to fans, and then get a "NO REPLY". A similar effect is using no-reply addresses for personalized newsletters. They know your name, your gender, you last sales, and they want to talk to you about some new offers. So far, OK. But you will find out very soon that they dont want to talk (which might include some interaction of yours), they want you to listen and buy, no to reply. Sounds stupid, but thats the way it is mostly. Dont ask me why, I wont reply;-).

Freitag, 14. März 2014

Web Zombies I

The web is full of zombie companies, which are unable to live and unable to die. From time to time I like to watch some of these living dead.Here is our "web zombie of the month":

Once upon an time there was a company.  A famous one, almost everybody knew it. It's estimated worth was $ 580 million at its peak.  In early days the platform even was a facebook competitor, which overtook it in 2008 - regarding user numbers.

But in just 6 years the company managed to loose 90% of its value (or shall I say - was managed to loose?). The platform finally was sold for $31 million (a dollar per user, more or less). In the last years the involvment of a well-known celebrity from the music business might have helped to win some users back. But the truth is, that this extended only the time of its undead existence.

Today the platform is truly "out". No current usage statistic is provided by the company. Nobody needs it. Nobody wants it. It seems that the crowd moved on. Game over. I am talking about myspace.

Web Zombies:
The web is full of zombie companies, which are unable to live and unable to die. From time to time I like to watch some of these living dead.

We know the phenomenom from the startup scene: a great idea gets some funding, but after some time of enthusiasm, or even visible success, the company either reaches its limits, fails to create a business model, or both. But instead of being kill and buried, it  becomes a living dead. Why? Too much money has been spent, too many emotions are involved, too many reasons seemed to provide a vivid future.  Everybody knows some of these "nice-idea-didnt-work-out" companies. And in many cases one would have wished they have failed earlier and letal, instead of hanging around in the internet basement, waiting for a miracle or someone to kill it, finally.

Donnerstag, 21. November 2013

The sexual confused corporal

There is a clear border between opinion and discrimination, and what the FAZ, germany's leading conservative newspaper has done today, Nov 21rst 2013,  sounds much like at least 50 years ago.

On the title page of the print issue, and here in the online version (german only), we find a so-called analysis by Peter Carstens, one of the FAZ writers, on cyber crime, NSA, Snowden, Manning and more.

No one would expect a conservative german writer fighting for civil rights. But everybody would expect that a leading paper takes care of basic social standards, like not discriminating any person regarding sexual orientations.

Mr. Carstens doesn't like Edward Snowden. He calls him a thief. This is covered by the freedom of opinion.

Mr Carstens doesn't like Chelsea Manning. In his world Chelsea is "a sexual confused corporal" (in german: "ein sexuell verwirrter Obergefreiter"). This is, for sure, not covered by the freedom of opinion.

Mr. Carstens implies a link between moral standards and the sexual orientation of people. He sees Chelseas the sexual orientation as a reason for committing a crime. Would he do the same with lets say Guido Westerwelle,? Imagine a headline like "Guido Westerwelle, the gay minister of foreign affairs, is a crazy freak?".

It don't know whether Mr. Carstens is a hetero, homo, asexual, or whatever (for sure he is not transsexual). I don't care.  But it seems that he has a problem accepting moral standards.

But the good news for Mr. Carstens is: you can change! It's quite easy, just 3 Steps:
  1. apologize
  2. delete the discriminating parts from the "analysis"
  3. never do it again
Thank you in advance!

Dienstag, 20. August 2013

Take your data and go to Switzerland?

We have found a new holy grail of privacy. It protects us from NSA and even from Britannia with their extensive surveillance systems. And it has decades of experience in making a business from what other people want to hide. But today it's not the usual black money from sport stars, soccer managers, mafia or autocrats to hide. Today it is much more political correct to go to switzerland with your data.

It's a common thing in capitalism that desasters foster creativity and profit, so nothing is wrong about offering i.e. a mail service in switzerland. It might be a clever idea for companies to host their data their too, if they are in fear of spying. But there is one thing I  just do not understand: why shall I feel save in switzerland? Because there is nothing in the news yet? Because they need a court order to access your email and data? Does anyone really know what this means? Is it difficult or even impossible to get this order? Is it public when an order is issued? And if it is save today, how long will it be that way?

Don't get me wrong: I appreciate these offers, even if they are expensive (like everything in switzerland). What I do not like is the claim that everything is save just because it is in switzerland. But maybe - they offer a email service hoisted in switzerland- knows the answers. I tried to find out. Unfortunately the beware-of-the-nsa-campaign seems to work so well, that their servers are down (written at 15:33 CEST) . At least I hope it is for that reason.

Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013

Google, please!

Whatever one might think about using Google Drive in this times, there is another story to tell today, again.
If you have any interest in Open Source or Desktop alternatives to Win or Mac, you should join this petition.

More than a year ago Google has announced a Linux client for Drive, not only once.

Giant Google, what is your problem? Why are you so bad in customer response? You announced a Linux client is coming. But when? Why not tell us?

Google: your business model would not work without Linux, without Free Software. Why do you bite the hand that feeds you, the one that made you grow to world domination? Give us the respect we deserve. Give us a native Linux client for Drive. Thank You.